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Kaleidoscope Quartet singing in a line, with the title An Evening with Kaleidoscope Quartet and the quartet's logo

What do Queen, Palestrina, Seal, and Disney have in common?

Come find out!

Come experience An Evening with Kaleidoscope Quartet, where we’ll share a whimsical set of tunes from Newfoundland loggers, rumbly dwarves, Seal, Queen, Disney, Palestrina, and more.

You won’t want to miss this captivating musical experience, hosted in the casual and comfy atmosphere of the brand new 480 Arts in Saint Paul.

7pm on April 29, 2023
480 Arts, 480 Prior Ave N
Saint Paul, MN 55104

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About Us

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Kaleidoscope Quartet presents four-part vocal music with fun, range, and soul. Based in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, the quartet’s four members Taylor Quinn (baritone), Dana Skoglund (bass 2), Jack Vishneski (tenor 1), and Ian Cook (tenor 2) bring far-reaching specialties, skills, and vocal timbres to create a kaleidoscope of sound. All four members have their own musical and extramusical careers, but are brought together by a passion for vocal chamber music.

Kaleidoscope Quartet

Our Story

It started with Cheryl. Confined at home with complications from a heart transplant, Cheryl loved the sounds of a male quartet but couldn’t attend concerts. Her husband, Dana Skoglund, decided to bring the sounds to her. He gathered Jack Vishneski, Taylor Quinn, and other singers to do regular in-home performances of some of Cheryl’s favorites, adding progressively harder pieces over time.

Kaleidoscope Quartet in performance at Cheryl memorial service

Cheryl passed away in November 2020. One of her parting wishes was to have a grand concert at her memorial service. Grief and the Covid-19 pandemic meant the service took a year to develop, during which Ian Cook joined the Kaleidsocope Quartet, and on November 6th, 2021, the group performed some of Cheryl’s favorites for a few hundred people at the service. The beauty and heart of that moment made it clear—these guys needed to keep singing together and discover all the potential colors of their joined voices.

Kaleidoscope Quartet


We sing music that demands a wide range and many colors:

Bohemian Rhapsody

Recorded November 6, 2021

River Driver

Recorded November 6, 2021

How Can I Keep from Singing

Recorded November 6, 2021

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Recorded November 6, 2021

Contact & Booking

Want to book us for your next event? We sing anywhere within driving distance of the Twin Cities, Minnesota.

Kaleidoscope Quartet sitting in a circle facing each other with their music in front of them, laughing